Sunday, 30 March 2014


Today I thought I would show you what my essentials are that I need in my bag with me afor when I got to uni :)

First off by bag! This is a leather tote from a store called Country Road here in New Zealand  and Australia. It is the perfect bag for uni as it fits so much stuff in it as well as fitting my books and Laptop perfectly.

So on to the contents of the bag. I tend to always be carrying my Laptop and if not some kind or lecture note book. I always need my charger as my laptop runs out off battery in about an hour! My case is from Marc by Marc Jacobs, I love it as it has really good cushioning so i know that my laptop is properly protected.

If its a sunny day I need my glasses with me so I tend to chuck a pair in just in case. These are a Marc Jacobs pair I have had them for nearly 5 years now and the are still in great condition, and Marc Jacobs is still coming out with pairs very similar. I need to get used to chucking an umbrella in my handbag because I have to be honest it rains more here in Dunedin than its sunny.

Im a girl who carries my hairbrush everywhere! and I mean everywhere! Its like attached to me at the hip. I have naturally straight hair and sometimes it can be the biggest hassle as it always gets knotty and just doesn't look nice. My handy little Tangle Teezer fixed this dilemma. I love the Tangle Teezer as it s really good at getting through knots and its such a handy handbag size.

When it comes to the little silver pouch, that is where I like to keep my touch up tools. I tend to carry round some sort of lippy, the one in the picture is a Revlon lipbutter in Juicy Papaya. I also always carry around my Mac Kabuki, again so handy for the handbag, and my Rimmel Stay Matte powder for when ever my skin starts to look a bit greasy. I also need a lipbalm as my lips are never not dry the one picture here is the Rosebud Salve by Smiths.  I also always seem to have dry hands so I carry around a hand cream with me, this one is the LA Source hand therapy by Crabtree and Evelyn. It smells amazing! I also like to carry some perfume, this is a little travel tube of Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf. A lovely floral scent.

I got this cute little drink bottle from a health store. Im trying to drink more water and so far this has helped, having water on me is such a good way to stay hydrated. Also if pains occur I always have some emergency pain meds just in case. I also need glasses as I'm long sighted so I struggle to read things that are up close such as books and Laptop Screen so they come with me to uni most days.

You always need to have your wallet on you, and as you can see a little trend is starting here, this is again Marc Jacob. I just love Marc Jacobs designs they are so sleek and stylish. This wallet is usually full of receipts and cards, you know the usual stuff. If my phone battery is running low which it always is! I have my little handy portable phone charger. Its so great for those long days at uni. Everyone should have one of these in their life!

When it comes to uni its not the cleanest place in the world so I like to carry around a hand sanitiser witch unfortunately I forgot to take a photo off :( but it is truly a necessity. Also I always have my Phone on me, i have an I Phone 5 in black. This is also not in the shot as I was taking the photos with it :)

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Portable Phone Charger:

Hand Cream:

Lipbalm/ Stay Matte Powder:

Revlon Lip Butter:


Tangle Teezer:

Mac Kabuki:


I hope you enjoyed :)

Dana xx

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