Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I love to try out new recipes and experiment with my cooking :) When it come to cookbooks I treat them like a collection item, I can't stop buying them. When I flick through them at the store there is so many amazing looking recipes in them, I just have to have them! They also look nice in the bookshelf :)

Here are three books I picked up a couple weeks back that are great for making your everyday meals. Nothing fancy but with some really delicious meal ideas in them! I have been using them constantly, cooking from them most nights, and the meals are delightful :)

I bought Simply Salad as I am always looking for ways to mix up a salad. I loves salads as it a great way to get in your greens and they taste amazing. Simply Salad has a great wide range of salad recipes, some very unique, with a range of cultural influences.

I cook for just for me so finding a Cookbook that is designed for single servings is great. I have tried many of the recipes, all delicious, and you get just the right amount of food!

Im trying to eat more healthy, but I'm not going to lie i do go off the wagon sometimes with my favourite foods being pizza and pasta. I love me some Italian. But this cookbook does have some nice recipes in it, and helps you cook your favourite meals In a more healthy alternative way.

Mmmmm food theres nothing better than a good meal!

Hope you enjoyed!

Dana xx

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