Monday, 17 March 2014


Today I thought I would show you guys some of the face masks I am currently loving! Due to my oily skin I tend to stay away from the super hydrating masks as thats really what I don't need, and lean towards the more clarifying masks. I hope you enjoy!

First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Instand Oatmeal Mask
This mask is great to use when you have distressed skin. Sometimes I get patches of dry red flakey skin almost like a reaction . TMI?? But this really helps to sooth it. It has a very interesting texture with actual gritty chunks of oatmeal in it. It's got quite a love or hate smell to it. Its smell is quite a strong oaty scent. I particually dont really like the scent but I know that others would love it. Due to my oily skin and this being a quite moisturizing mask I to only put it on the areas that a distressed . But it really does do a wonderful job of calming the skin and leaving it nice and soft.

Caudalie- Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask
This is a great product to use when you want to give your skin a gentle exfoliation. It also claims to tighten pores but I'm not too sure about that one, I haven't really seen a visible difference. But when I use this It does feel like I have just revealed a new fresh layer of smooth soft skin, and really gotten rid of all the dead skin cells and dirt off my face.

Origins- Clear Improvement Mask
This is an active charcoal mask that claims to clear out your pores, exactly what you need when you have oily skin. And boy does it do a good job! I can see when I'm using it all the oils being drawn out of my pores as the mask is drying. I use masks like this once a week for a good deep clean.

GlamGlow-Supermud Clearing treatment
There is not enough good things to say about this mask. It's a a all in one miracle treatment for my skin,  and also smells of Licorice!mmm. It claims to extract all the gunk out of your pores, which I can tell you It does amazingly! Leaving my skin nice and clean and renewed. Also the website says it helps with preventing fine lines, wrinkles, ingrown hairs, pigmentation, minimizes pores, improves skins texture, fight breakouts and so much more! I love the stuff. The only downside to it is the hefty price tag.

Aesop- Parsley Seed Mask
This is another clarifying mask also designed for deep cleansing of the pores, fighting impurities, and refreshing the skin. As you can see there is a trend here. :) This stuff also works very well leaving the skin soft smooth and refreshed. It also smells amazing, really fresh and almost earthy. I can't stop sniffing the stuff.



Dana xx

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