Saturday, 29 March 2014


I know I'm a weee bit late on the bandwagon with the Matte Balms, as they come out a while ago in the States. But the Matte balms have just been released in New Zealand and I have being wanted to try these out for sooo long! I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts about them with you :) & also share my thoughts about the Balm Stains for you, that I have had for quite a while now!

I picked up twos shades of the Matte Balms in the colours #245 Audacious (Orange) and #205 Elusive Insaisissable (Pink). I would of loved to pick up more as the colour range was amazing! But unfortunately here in NZ our makeup is ridiculously expensive and these were $22.50 each, and thats for drug store makeup. To all NZ and Australia girls I highly recommend buying makeup online.

I picked these two colours as they were the two that caught my eye and I would most likely wear them the most. I did though have a swatching frenzy at the department store just to make sure I had picked the right ones, and ended up with rainbow hands!

The Matte Balms have a lovely finish and a truly great colour payoff. #245 Is a lovely slightly coraly toned pinky orange and every one know how I love my corals. #205 is a muted nude pick great for everyday wear very similar to Macs Please Me. The one thing I love about them the most is that they are not drying!!! So many Matte lipsticks I own leave my lips felling so dry. These also apply really well, and if you make a mistake its easily fixable. I need more already!

When it come to the Balm Stains I have the colours, 035 Charm Charme, and 040 Rendezvous. The Balm stains are great to wear when you are wanting a nice brush of colour to the lip but nothing to opaque. They moisturize your lips as well as adding colour, and are extremely easy to apply. Also they smell amazing nice and minty. When it comes to the light colour 035 I don't tend to wear it on its own as its just slightly to pale on me put i love putting it over different lipsticks to give different finishes. )40 Is a nice bright orange you could compare it to being the Morange of stains. When it comes to the Balm Stains I wasn't to impressed with the colour selection available and these two colours where the only one I really wanted.

When I was in the store I was also swatching the Lacquer Balms which had also an amazing colour range I can wait to get my hands on some of them!

I hope your having a great day :)

Dana xx

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