Wednesday, 12 March 2014


So I couldn't pick just one blush. They come it too many different colours and finishes! So I managed to narrow it down to four of my favourites, and I can tell you it was very hard!. They are all a little different from each other as I love to mix it up a bit and wear different colours depending on where I'm going, what im doing, and what the rest of my makeup is like that day.
I Hope you enjoy :)

Benefit Rockateur

Rockateur is a Rose Gold toned blush which has hints of pink, browns, and beiges with a slight shimmer to it. The texture is very soft, not chalky at all, and It has and nice subtle scent to it. It applies very evenly and you can build it up nicely.

Benefit boxed blushes are all great you can't go wrong with them. What made me want to purchase this one was the colour, I had never owned anything like it. I was a bit worried at first if I would use it but after applying it a couple of times my love grew for it, and I tend to find myself reaching for it all the time. I love to wear this when I am doing a natural or bronzed look.

The only thing about this blush I slightly dislike it the packaging. It's not quite my cup of tea. Also you get less product than all the other Blush boxes at the same price.

Jordana- Coral Sandy Beach

This is my favourite coral shade to reach for. Its slightly on the pinky side of coral with a very subtle shimmer. It applies very well to the skin and is buildable when you apply small amount to the blush. The texture is also very soft. For an inexpensive blush at just $1.99 off Beautyjoint.com you can't go wrong! I highly recommend it!

NARS Blush- Gina & Deep Throat

When we ignore some of the provocative names of some of these blushes and focus on the blushes themselves NARS blushes are all great. They all have a great texture, pigmentation, and are not chalky at all. They are well known and loved throughout the beauty community. I would love to have the whole range if I could. Each blush is in the sleek black traditional NARS packaging and looks amazing in your makeup collection. NARS have made a range of beautiful colours which two of them have made it into my top 4!

Deep Throat is a a warm coral pink with a golden shimmer running through it. Its slightly more pink than coral sandy beach. It is a great everyday colour you can use it lightly as a soft warm glow or builded up to a strike of coral.

Gina is a soft orange not very intense but a lot fuller than peach. It is very finely milled with hardly any shimmer to it. I love to wear this shade during the Summer!

Dana xx

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