Sunday, 2 March 2014


These are my favourite range of candles ever! I have tones in my flat scenting up my room with their delicious fragrances. They come in both a large and a mini size. Here in the picture above is a set of three minis that I got given as a gift. The flavours include Tahaa- Vanilla and Caramel, Rio Di Janeiro- Lime and Passionfruit, and Coney Island- Burnt Sugar and Fig. All the Glasshouse Candles are named after famous places and base their scent around those places which is pretty unique and cool.

I also have two other candles in my collection. One of which is called White Christmas that was from their Christmas collection they bought out last year. It is Cedar leaf and Fruity Clove and really does smell just like Christmas. I am yet to burnt it as the scent It creates a nice reminder of the holidays. The last candle I have is called Galapagos. This is my all time favourite candle and has been for the last couple of years. It is Kaffir Lime and Cocoa Butter. Absolutely Delightful!

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