Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hey there. First off I apologize for the gross state of the packaging of this. There was no way I could photograph it to make it look nice... Every time I buy this powder most of the labeling seems to have rubbed off within a few weeks. This is probably just due to the cheap packaging. But with all that said the product inside is still amazing! And what Im talking about of course is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder!

This powder did get a lot of hype around the beauty community so many of you may know of it already :).  I have a very oily skin type where I always end up with oily skin by the end of the day which doesn't make your makeup look so great. Rimmel is a miracle product and I haven't found one quite like it. I have mine in the colour translucent, as I just like to use it as a setting powder for my foundation. It massively helps reduce the oiliness of my skin when you apply it. It is one of the products I put it my handbag for touch ups during the day when my skin is starting to look a bit greasy.

It is a nicely fine milled powder that goes on a breeze. It builds up nicely to cover any shine. It has a great lasting power and you can see the difference it makes instantly after application. But girls it isn't going to last all day just like most products you might need a touch up here and there. It doesn't have a overwhelming scent a is a bargain for what a great product it is. It super easy to find and should be at a drug store near you :)

Dana xx

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