Thursday, 27 February 2014


Can you call tea drinking a hobby? Because I have a slight "Huge" obsession with it. I swear I drink around 10 cups a day, it's just so delicious. My obsession started when I was in Melbourne and came across a brand called T2. The store was beautiful they had all these little boxes of tea stacked on top of each other and mountains of teapots, tea cup,s and the like. They had every flavour you could think of under the sun from French Earl Grey, to Strawberries and Creme!  It was like a tea lovers wonderland! The experience was delightful and the customer service was great they offered us Iced teas and told us all about the brand. And of course I ended up walking out the door with a bagful of tea.

Recently T2 has opened up in New Zealand which is amazing so I can get my tea fix whenever! Another favourite brand of mine is Harley and Sons. Their Paris tea is to die for! As my collection has grown I now have a slot in my book shelf in my bedroom of my flat that is dedicated to my tea collection and my amazing little teapot, with is pictured above.

My teapot was a recent purchase from T2 just before I left for uni. I love how It is glass so you can see the amazing colours that the teas create. Also seen in the picture above I am brewing a mixture of Chocolate tea, and Creme Brulee which I add in just a dash of milk. It is a lovely sweet tea thats great at relieving those sweet craving without as many calories! The chocolate tea is a black tea mixed with cacao bean pieces and the Creme Brulee is a blend of vanilla hazelnut and caramel flavoured black tea. The perfect paring. And if you need you tea any sweeter a great tip is to just add a dash of honey.

When it comes to my favourite types of teas I defiantly lean towards the fruity and the sweet side of things. I love me some vanilla, and some berries! But I'm also a sucker for a plain old English Breakfast! Sorry to say but I'm not a lover of the spicy flavours, and Im going to break some peoples hearts right now but I hate Chai! There I said it. I have tried so many different brands of Chai but it just really isn't my thing.

PS Who likes my kitten mug!- ( I need to stop collecting mugs to. Thats another slight obsession)

Down below I have listed some of my current favourite teas from the collection and some links so you can purchase them yourself!

• Chocolate
• Creme Brulee
• Melbourne breakfast
• French Earl Grey
• Green Rose
• Gorgeous Geisha


Harley and Sons- 
• Paris
• White Christmas Tea


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