Tuesday, 29 April 2014


These are one of my all time favourite lip products. NYX Buttergloss's fell like you are applying a high end lip product to your lips but for only $5. You can see I really love these with the large amount I have collected. I think I nearly have the whole collection!

I am not a huge fan of lip-glosses as I find them two sticky and they don't have enough colour payoff. But when I came across the Buttergloss's I was super impressed. They have a creamy consistency making them non sticky and really comfortable to wear. They also have a great colour payoff like those of lip laquar. I love playing around and experimenting with the more bold colours as you don't make as much of a statement but the still give you a lovely colour payoff on the lip.

Not only do they look good on the lips, and feel good on the lips. They also smell amazing. They have a lovely sweet scent that matches nicely with their dessert names!

There is a wide range of colours offered where you will find one for everyone,  from bright reds to nudes and everything in-between. I love every single one off them and had to get them all!

I wanted to show you the colours that I have in my collection, and also do some swatches for you so you can get an idea of what these look like on the lips!

Names from left to right:
Maple Blondie
Peaches and Cream
Cherry Cheese Cake
Vanilla Cream Pie
Creme Brulee
Apple Strudel
Strawberry Parfait
Peach Cobbler
Cherry Pie

I highly recommend you guys give these a try you wont be disappointed!

I hope you enjoyed :)

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Dana xx

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