Tuesday, 1 April 2014


These the products I use every morning to keep my skin nice and clean. Hope you enjoy! There are other products I use but not every day for things like pimples, and dry skin. Also Masks. That will be up tomorrow! But here are the things I use every morning without fail :)

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser
This is a great cleanser for those of you who have oily and sensitive skin. It gives you a nice gentle clean without over drying it, or stripping your skin. Its designed to get rid of excess oil on the skins surface, and help reduce impurities. I have been using it for about 3 months now and I am loving it. I just repurchased a new bottle, and I not one to usually repurchase cleansers. It really works to balance your skin out.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream
When I went to see my dermatologist he told me I needed a cleanser and moisturizer that were both oil free. Due to my oily skin type. But moisturizer was still essential as I didn't want to be over dying my skin with all the other products I'm using. This moisturizer hydrates the skin, and provides long lasting moisture. But it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy, it actually helps reduce the appearance of oil. The gel like texture makes it sink into the skin very quickly and you don't feeling like you drowning your skin in a heavy cream. This moisturizer is Exactly what I needed and has been working wonders!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream-
This is a great eye cream for the morning when you are looking a bit tired and not ready for your day to begin. It helps to de puff you under eyes, and also has a slight glow running through the cream that really helps to brighten your under eye area and help make you look more awake. This cream also had a lovely scent slightly orangy and refreshing.

Smiths Minted Rose Lip balm
I use a lip balm every morning in my routine to make sure my lips are nice and hydrated. The Smiths minted rose I love as it gives a little tingle to the lips which is a nice little wakeup call. It is also very smooth and not sticky at all. The two thinks I like my lip balms to be. It leaves you lips feeling so nice and soft. It also has an amazing minty scent. I love all things mint scented :)

Environmental Skin Protector Invisible Zinc
If its a sunny day weather it be summer or winter I like to put sunscreen on my face to protect it for when I'm older and the wrinkles start to appear. I also burn so easily! This stuff is great as its specifically designed for the face, and has a built in moisturizer. It tend to like to mix this in with my Kiehls Moisturizer on those sunny days. The great thing about this is when you start to rub it into the skin it turns clear so theres no worries with application. It is also SPF 30 so it will give me a nice high protection.

Links to Buy

Kiehls- http://www.smithandcaugheys.co.nz/

Origins- meccacosmetica.co.nz

Smiths- beautyjoint.com

Environmental Skin Protector Invisible Zinc-

Dana xx

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