Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Makeup for the day 
Breakfast (Avo and Hummus on Toast) & Youtube 

Our campus. I walk past this beautiful building everyday in Spring it is surrounded by Cherry Blossoms

Inside a Lecture

The view from the library


Lunch! Coffee and Sushi

Night time tea 

Hey lovelies today I thought I would show you what I get up to most days of the week. Which is university! Not the most existing thing in the world but I thought It would be nice to show everyone a little insight into university life :)

In my typical day I wake up around 8.30 (this is early for me)! And I begin to get ready. I cant start my day off without a long hot shower to make myself feel all clean. I also need to get some breakfast in me. I not a happy camper when I don't get my breakfast. And a coffee! Then its time for make up! My favourite part of getting ready. Usually I go for a very natural look as it is only Uni.

I usually spend the whole day a uni so in the mornings I will pack myself a lunch but sometimes if im in a rush this step gets missed and I end up buying it, my favourite is sushi!

When its time to leave the house it about a twenty minute walk for me into uni. My day usually consists of lectures and meetings, and in-between them ill shoot to the library to try and get some work done on assignments and study materials for exams.

Around 6pm is when I usually head back home and start to make my dinner. As soon as I'm home its makeup off and warm snuggly clothes on. It is currently a average of around 9 degrees in Dunedin and we have only just gone into Autumn! :) Im defiantly a summer baby I hate the cold!

If I have free time during the day Im usually running errands, seeing friends, or trying to get in some exercise. Ow how I hate exercise! But I need to start after eating all of that easter chocolate!

The day ends with a cup of tea and watching either youtube, a movie, or a TV series. My current favourites are Skins, Reign, Drop Dead Diva, Game of Thrones, Scandal, and The Walking dead.

I Hope you enjoyed!

Dana xx

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