Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Im am a huge lover of these Wet and Wild lipsticks! Not only are they super affordable they come in a nice large range of colours, and the formula is great. These guys retail for $1.89. So cheap!! The pigmentation is great creating a nice opaque matte finish on the lips. Due to the Matte finish these lipsticks do tend to be slightly drying like most Matte formulas. But an easy trick is to place some lip balm on your lips before placing your lipstck on top. You will still get that nice matte look but with no dried up lips.

My most used one, and my all time favourite colour is 903C Just Peachy. It is my go to every day your lips but better colour! It lasts for most of the day with me only having to re-apply ever once in a while. For the price and formula you can't go wrong with these. If your a girl on a budget, or a just a lipstick lover, I highly recommend you give these a try.

I have done some swatches for you and photographed the lipsticks to show you some of the colours available in the collection. I don't have the complete collection but I think I'm pretty close!

Left to Right

• 968- Pinkerbell
• 901B- Think Pink
• 903C- Just Peachy
• 905D- Smokin Hot Pink
• 969- Carrot Gold
• 970- Purty Persimmon
• 909D- Coral-line
• 910D Red Velvet

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I hope you enjoyed :)

Dana xx

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