Friday, 23 May 2014


1. Online Shopping
There is nothing better than a but of online shopping to cheer you up when your down. I have spent the day in bed ill today so I did some much needed retail therapy! I cant wait for the goodies to arrive! I will defiantly be doing a haul :)

2. Hot Water Bottle
There is nothing better than getting into bed on a cold day with your hot water bottle to warm you up and help you drift off to sleep. I don't go a night without it!

3. Exercise
Im in a health and fitness mode at the moment, and am going three weeks strong! I trying to exercise as much as possible and I am cuttings all the bad foods out of my diet. And yes, exercise sucks, and I hate doing it ,but there is nothing better than getting that rush of endorphins after your workout.

4. Finishing my last assignment
Assignments are done for the semester! What a relief! But now its time to hit the books hard and gear up for exam period!

5. Family
Living away from home can suck sometimes when you don't get to see your family. But multiple long calls make it all that much better! Only 3 more weeks until I am home for the uni break! What also made me extremely happy was I found out we are going on a family trip to Fiji when I get pack home!!! Hence the mad rush of exercising and healthy eating. Need to get myself that bikini ready body!

I hope you enjoyed :)

Dana xx

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