Thursday, 1 May 2014


Oh how I miss the warm weather lounging in the sun with a nice cold drink in hand. Now its thermals, coats, blankets, and a freezing cold flat :( I am defiantly a summer person I despise the cold but here I find myself living in a place were the average temperature is 5 degrees 99% of the time! I need to move to the tropics!

The only thing I like about winter is the skiing! But that only happens around once a year. The rest I hate. For me there is no cosying up by the heater with a nice warm hot chocolate due to the extremely high cost of running it. Nore is there a fire as they are banned in the city. It more me shivering holding my hot water bottle with 3 blankets on not wanting to get out of bed all day!

Everyone has there own opinion on what season they like. Mine is for sure summer. I love the heat! A slight gust of wind and I immediately have goosebumps. I get very cold very easily! IN the summertime you get a tan, the suns always shining, your skin and hair look healthier, you spend a lot more time outdoors. What more can you want.

Here are some snaps I took of the Big Day Out a summer concert thats happens every year in Auckland. Its one of the main concerts we have in NZ, with people gearing up for next years one as soon as this years one has ended. It was a particularly nice day that day so I thought I would show you some snaps. Im jealous of everyone one in the Northern Hemisphere. This is what you have to look forward to! For all of us in the Southern Hemisphere we can just reminisce to get us threw the cold winter!

Dana xxx

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